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Dark Throne: The Queen Rises v0.0.2 MOD APK God Mode Attack Multiplier

Dark Throne: The Queen Rises v0.0.2 MOD APK God Mode Attack Multiplier
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Dark Throne The human race’s heroes will have a great adventure to bring peace to Izendar, the land of the demon kingdom.


In Dark Throne: The Queen Rises, players will have to choose a hero and take on the role of cleansing the land of evil. In this role-playing game, you will have to go through a dangerous world filled with monsters and defeat them using various weapons.

In addition, you will be able to collect various in-game items such as boots, belts, and artifacts. This project is perfect for those who like to play diablo-like games. We also have Soul Catcher, which is an excellent RPG for those who are looking for more.


Dark Throne: The Queen Rises is a colorful game project designed to provide players with a great experience. It features detailed graphics and a variety of features. The development team of this project is composed of experienced developers who have worked on various AAA games.

Dark Throne: The Queen Rises is a fantastic game with no adverse effects. It offers many features that will allow you to experience a great battle with evil.


Only three heroes in Dark Throne: The Queen Rises have their own skills and abilities. These are Assassin, Paladin, and the demon hunter. Each of these heroes has unique skills and abilities that they can use against their enemies.

Heroes like the legendary knight the Paladin are known for their powerful weapons, but their movement speed is not fast enough to eliminate demons. Also, he can be used as a tank due to his health points.

Compared to the other heroes, the demon hunter and Assassin are light-weighted heroes who can move much faster and attack with less damage. They also have the advantage of using powerful casts against enemies.


The developers of Dark Throne were able to create the game due to their experience and knowledge of the genre. They also considered the various factors that affect the story’s development. In addition, the heroes’ level will increase as the story progresses.

In Dark Throne, the parameters of attack and strength are not changed. Also, spells are significant to ensure you can fully use military resources.

The goal of the human race is to save the homeland from the evil that has been spreading through the lands. The demon kingdom wants to create an empire out of this world. However, with the help of some of the heroes, you can reverse this evil by destroying the main monster.


In addition to having a detailed world, Dark Throne has a fantastic soundtrack that will allow you to immerse yourself in action. The developers of Dark Throne have taken the time to ensure that the battles are drawn in such a way that they will look great and make you want to go into battle.


Dark Throne: The Queen Rises mod has a built-in menu allowing you to control the game’s various features. It can be used to switch between god mode and one-hit kill. Opening this menu anytime will allow you to enjoy the game’s complexity.


The Queen Rises mod allows you to guide your heroes through the various fundamental events that will affect the world. It would help if you chose a character that can handle the challenges of saving the world.



Credits :- EPIC LEAGUE PTE. LTD. (Owner & Publisher).

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Bug Fixes & System Stability Improvements
Dark Throne: The Queen Rises v0.0.2 MOD APK God Mode Attack Multiplier
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Dark Throne : The Queen Rises [MOD]
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