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Evertale APK + MOD Unlimited Silver, Stamina, CaptureStones v2.0.67

Evertale APK + MOD Unlimited Silver, Stamina, CaptureStones v2.0.67
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Evertale MOD APK is a fun and engaging role-playing game that will allow you to explore the fantasy world and find out what lies behind the story.


ZigZaGame is a game developer that makes mobile role-playing games. They have four titles on Google Play, one of which is Evertale. This review will talk about the highlights of this game and let you know if it is worth your time.


Every 100 years, the world of Erden experiences a catastrophic disaster known as Pandemonium. However, this threat has returned 18 years earlier than before. This is an ominous sign.

Despite the odds, a group of heroes managed to gather and plan a final battle to end the disaster in Erden. They are composed of courageous warriors willing to sacrifice their own lives to bring good things to the world. Your task is to ensure that the group is strong enough to endure the threats from Pandemonium.


In Evertale, you can build an army of mighty warriors to face off against the various threats that are threatening the world. The game features hundreds of turn-based battles that will allow you to train your character’s skills against the various monsters roaming Erden. One of the essential factors you can consider when building an army is capturing the monsters.

One of the most dangerous creatures you can encounter in Evertale is the giant monsters roaming Erden. They can make your warriors sleep and prevent them from attacking. However, do not worry, as you can still use strategies to overcome these threats. One of the most effective ways to do this is by switching from using force to utilizing magic combinations.


In Evertale, you will encounter various monsters that are not just funny. These include dragons, robots, wolves, skeletons, and samurai frogs. Each of these creatures has unique abilities and skills that you can use to defeat them. Some species can also evolve to higher levels to help you win.

One of the most effective ways to improve your units is by selling them in exchange for gold. Doing so will allow you to upgrade the strength of your allies. One of the most common ways to improve a character’s abilities is by combining them with other weak characters.

In addition to the ability to speed up random battles, you can also increase your stats by participating in various events. These include competitive tournaments and guild systems.


If you feel lonely after spending a lot of time in Evertale, you can invite your friends to join you in 4v4 matches. The game will automatically find your opponents, but before you start a battle, you must develop a strategy that will allow you to win.


Every tale is a typical role-playing game that doesn’t have a guild system. However, if you are looking for a more authentic experience, you can quickly join a group and develop your clan. The game’s mission system provides various rewards, such as unique characters and items. Having more friends will allow you to fight and interact with each other more.


Evertale’s world is built with a high-quality graphics background. This allows the game to describe its world more realistically. You will be able to explore various areas, such as abandoned forests, battle arenas, and dungeons.

The audio and effects of Evertale are also very impressive. The magic and explosions generated during a battle will provide players with overwhelming excitement.



Credits :- ZigZaGame Inc. (Owner & Publisher).

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Evertale APK + MOD Unlimited Silver, Stamina, CaptureStones v2.0.67
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Unlimited Silver. Stamina. CaptureStones.
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