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Extreme Balancer 3D Ball MOD APK Unlimited Lives v2.5

Extreme Balancer 3D Ball MOD APK Unlimited Lives v2.5
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Extreme Balancer 3D Ball You have to balance the ball on the outer space in order to reach the Earth. It’s a very joyful thing to do when you balance the ball in space. There are 16 levels in the game and from the first level, you will be in space and in the 16th level, you will be on the Earth. Throughout the game, you will be getting closer to the Earth.



In Extreme Balancer 3D Ball you will encounter many challenges. However, this isn’t like other similar games. Instead, it is an adventure game that requires you to balance a ball and reach a boat by overcoming various obstacles and traps. It is an excellent game that anyone can play.

The game has been downloaded over 10 million times on the play store. Extreme Balancer 3D Ball It is a level-based game that has many challenging levels to overcome. To reach the boat, you have to avoid falling into the water. Each group has its unique obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome.

The goal of this game is to control a ball on an uneven and thin surface. Extreme Balancer 3D Ball This is not an easy task and requires many skills to perform correctly. Aside from this, the game also has various traps that can be used to destroy the ball.


Players can see over five unique balls they can unlock in the game.  Extreme Balancer 3D Ball Each of these has a unique look and is worth opening. To collect all the diamonds, you have to collect all of them. This will allow you to unlock all of your favorite balls. The diamonds will also enhance the gameplay experience and make it more entertaining.


The game’s gameplay is very challenging and hard to perform correctly. Extreme Balancer 3D Ball The players must have spare lives to complete the level. In one of the levels, the game offers five lives that will allow players to restart the game after they have fallen from the platform. The goal of this game is for the player to reach the boat without falling into the water.


The Extreme Balancer 3D Ball graphics are realistic and provide a beautiful and natural look. The platform and the ball are also genuine and have an impressive look. To perform correctly, the players must learn how to balance the ball on the platform and clear the various obstacles.


Easy to play, hard to master.

Interactive and simple touch controls.

Attractive 3D graphics quality.

Balance the 3D ball on the wooden platform.

Overcome lots of obstacles.

Offline game.

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Credits :- Enteriosoft(Owner & Publisher).

Visit :- allstarsproduction.com to download more mod apps and games for free.

- Improved layouts and UI.
- Added new particle effects.
- Fixed minor bugs.
Extreme Balancer 3D Ball MOD APK Unlimited Lives v2.5
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Extreme Balancer - 3D Ball [MOD]
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