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Monster Super League MOD APK 1.0.220831052 One Hit Kill

Monster Super League MOD APK 1.0.220831052 One Hit Kill
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In Love You To Bits, players can explore a world filled with explosions and space, and they can also solve challenging puzzles. These are some of the game’s common features, but they are not the most common ones in modern romance games.



The Monster Super League is a role-playing game developed by Four Thirty Three Inc. It’s a unique game that belongs to the genre of turn-based RPGs. Since it’s a turn-based game, it’s also familiar to those who have played the Summoners Wars.

The Monster Super League special is made possible by the unlimited Astrogens you can collect. You can then transfer these into gold to improve your character’s progress.
The Monster Super League is a fun and challenging game that you should play. If you’re new to this style, then try it out.


The story in the game revolves around a magical journey that the player takes in Latecia. Astromon. After you’ve landed on an airship, the priestess Seira will welcome you and explain the war between the Order and Chaos and the variant. The former is used as a leader in the fight and can be captured using one of the Astrochips. You can also use various strategies to catch them, such as gacha or the Astrochip in your dreams.


The player can have unlimited Astrogems

The Astromgem is the premium currency that players can use in the game. They can collect as many as they want and transfer them into gold to improve their character’s progress. There are multiple ways to collect these.

There are different ways to collect Astromon.

One of the easiest ways to get Astromons is in Story Mode. To get one, you’ll need one Astrochip. The rarity level of these monsters varies depending on their type. In the dungeon, you can also find various materials that will increase the rarity of your favorite monsters.

Astromon by making them more robust. In this case, you’ll need to awaken and evolve them, which can be done through the Each Astrogems has different effects, such as attacks, defense, and cellphones.

One of the easiest ways to get Astromons is by using gacha. There are other ways to get them, such as rebelling against them. This can increase their rarity level and make them look like they have three or five stars in their eyes.

Gold and Energy

Players’ energy is one of the most important things they can use in the game. The symbol that appears on the screen shows what they spend their energy on.
During the beginning, you’ll mainly focus on completing missions. Doing these will allow you to collect a lot of rewards, and it can also help you level up your Astromons. If you’re having difficulty completing these missions, you can try farming a map to improve their rarity.

Gold is helpful to get you more energetic, as it can be used to enhance the fruit of the Astromon, level up the gems, and ascend to the next level. in the league system, you can’t choose the opponent to face. However, in the battle against an enemy Astromon, you can choose the target. In the Monster Super League, you can view multiple Astromons simultaneously. Each has its review system, and players can vote on the best one to describe the monster.


The first stage of the Evolution process is where the Astromon begins. After you fuse three of the same creature into it, it will be upgraded to Evolution 2. To get to the Evo 3, you need all the same creatures to be upgraded. This means that 16 Astromons will be transformed into one for the final evolution.

Astromons is available for free on both Android and iOS. It doesn’t require a root to play, and you can start the game with a stable internet connection. Just follow these steps to install the app.

Visual and sound quality


The graphics of Astromons are not very good, but they are still relatively smooth. The design of the creatures is also charming. They can keep the eyes of the players engaged, and the animations are very cool. has an exemplary manufacturing process.


The game’s soundtrack is also perfect and can help you immerse yourself in the world of Monster Super League. EIM, a Korean music company, makes the music for the game. Although music is not a significant aspect of the game, it can still provide a good feeling when you are in the environment.

Final thoughts

The Monster Super League mod is a fun and easy game, especially for those who prefer to avoid walking around. It’s also a good game for those passionate about the Summoners Wars series. Although it doesn’t have a lot of features, it can provide a good gaming experience.
Despite the various comparisons people have made about the game, it’s still unique and fun. It has its unique features, such as the ability to catch Astromon.



Credits :- Smart Study Games (Owner & Publisher).

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Bug fixes.
Monster Super League MOD APK 1.0.220831052 One Hit Kill
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