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Scary Teacher 3D MOD, Unlimited Money v5.24

Scary Teacher 3D MOD, Unlimited Money v5.24
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Scary Teacher 3D A horror simulator that features an intricate plot. The story revolves around the abusive teacher who punished the kids. After the hour of reckoning, the teacher moved into a bigger house next door. Now, you have to find out what Miss T has been hiding.



Z&K Games is a publisher of horror games. Their titles create a sense of suspense and drama for players. Their latest game, “Scarey Teacher 3D,” has gained over 10 million downloads on Google Play, and this number continues to grow. The game’s unique gameplay and 3D graphics were also praised by players.


Miss T is a math teacher who is not like other teachers in town. She is a cruel and abusive individual who would punish the kids in her class. After she moved into an apartment next to you, you have to break into her house to find out what’s going on.


As a kid, teasing an adult is very bad, but it’s recommended to do in “Scareey Teacher 3D.” Unlike other games, you don’t have to run away to get to Miss T’s apartment. Instead of hiding, you have to search for objects, such as mouse traps, and place them on her table. This will allow you to feel satisfied as Miss T screams at you.

Every morning, Miss T reads a newspaper. To enter her apartment, you need to find an object that can be placed under the paper. The search can take a while due to the large house, which has various rooms, such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room. When you’re done, hurry and get out of the house before she catches you.

If she’s preparing to eat breakfast, add salt to the food to spoil it. Miss T also plans on watching her favorite TV show before she can ruin it. There are many jokes for her, and although I sometimes find them excessive, it’s the price that she has to pay for her cruelty toward the kids.

The game’s various levels have their own goals, but you can easily accomplish them in various ways. For instance, the goal of the game is to spoil Miss T’s soup bowl. However, you can also damage it by adding various ingredients, such as sugar and chili.


The controls in “Scareey Teacher 3D” are similar to those used in mobile games. The left and right buttons allow you to move the character. The right side of the screen also has a button that allows you to interact with various objects, such as keys and sitting and standing.


If you have no idea where to find Stars, use the hint to purchase hints. These will allow you to improve your skills and solve various puzzles.


The main characters in “Scareey Teacher 3D” are girls and boys, similar to the characters in Subway Surfers. However, the game only has two main characters, Tani and Nick. Hopefully, the publisher will add more interesting characters in the future.


The small screen located on the left corner of the house helps you locate Miss T. In my opinion, you should play this game a few times to remember all of the details of the house. This will allow you to identify where she is in the apartment.


Although “Scareey Teacher 3D” has elements similar to the horror genre, its graphics do not have the necessary signals to tell you what’s happening. The game’s vibrant colors and peaceful setting make it feel like it’s in a small town. Miss T is an aggressive character, but she also has some funny outbursts. The music in the game is also quite funny, which helps reduce the horror level.



Credits :- Z & K Games (Owner & Publisher).

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Miss T. is excited to pick up fresh berries, and blow her up by replacing the cherries with bombs!
Make sure Miss T's beach chair gets replaced by a torture chair for a shocking experience!
Scary Teacher 3D MOD, Unlimited Money v5.24
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Scary Teacher 3D [MOD]
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